If the idea of creating the ultimate green wardrobe appeals to you then you are going to be impressed with this brand new Hello Eco Living Column.

Be ethical and sexy
Be ethical and sexy

As a director of Swop2Shop.co.uk, I will be searching the world of ethical shopping to bring you researched and informed features to help you make ethical decisions when making your purchases.

Firstly, a bit about Swop2Shop. The site is an innovative, clothes swopping website which allows its members to replenish and re-vamp their wardrobes, without the need for cash.  It provides a platform for members to swop their clothes and accessories, between each other, in a safe and trustworthy environment, and entitles the user to no listing fees and free points to kick start the swopping process.

The whole ethos behind this site is unique, as the use of points not pounds enables a constant swapping of unwanted clothes to take place.

Listing your kids outgrown clothes and accumulating points enables the complete renewal of your own wardrobe, which can’t be bad considering the current economic climate.

Most of us make a conscious effort to re-cycle many other items in our homes so lets do the same with our clothes.  Keeping them out of the landfill sites has got to be a sound idea, so too is supporting charity which we intend to do with a percentage of its gift voucher sales.

The site has many, exciting, up and coming new features that we have no doubt will be of interest to everyone.  It’s time we all started taking a fresh look at being fashionable, frugal, but fundamentally kind to the environment and with the help of Swop2Shop that goal is a little bit nearer.

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