Mineral make up is the new make trend in the beauty world. LilyLolo is part of the halo effect that is taking the beauty industry by storm.

Be kind to your face
Be kind to your face

Women all over are swapping their chemically enhanced tested on animals scientific products for products that are ethical, eco and make us look beautiful not too mention is better for our skin. Mineral make up is so pure that it really feels like your not wearing any at all. For an added bonus it looks as natural on your skin as it is in the product.

Lilylolo is the market leading mineral, and 100% natural makeup company going from strength to strength. With the celebs from the uber stylish Nicky Hambleton Jones to the west end star Denise Van Outen already using this secret make up brand. Hello Eco Living didn’t want to get left behind. We want to know what Lilylolo is about.

Founder Vikki Khan discovered mineral makeup overseas and was instantly hooked, but couldn’t believe there wasn’t a quality, affordable range available in the UK.

Vikki says;

All of the LilyLolo products are 100% natural, catering for all the women out there that are demanding natural products. We have a very strong brand following with very loyal customers so we’re certainly making a positive contribution to their lives and subsequently the eco/ethical/organic movement in general.

With a successful make up brand under her belt Vikki always tries to buy natural and organic wherever possible.

It’s much better to know exactly what chemicals you’re using on a daily basis. My constant industry reading and research for LilyLolo means that I’m now very up on which chemicals and ingredients to look out for and avoid.

So does Vikki have any plans to expand LilyLolo beyond make up?

Time will tell! We’re always developing new products and constantly widening the range. Perhaps in the future you’ll see a LilyLolo skincare range, but for now we’re focusing on developing more 100% natural products, currently looking at mascaras, lip balms, pencils and pressed minerals.

Now that she’s very knowledgeable about mineral makeup does she have any tips for the readers at Hello Eco Living

Read the ingredients! You’ll be surprised at some of the items listed in some so called natural products. And of course, support British brands which value each and every one of their customers.

For Christmas this year, Lilylolo has released giftboxes which contain a number of different products in various combinations.

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