Products Tested by Lynsey Jones and her daughter Imogen Belle Jones. Review written by the lovely Rachel Wright.

The Tiddley Pom Spa set came in a nice box, with instructions for use and a list of ingredients for each product. Tiddley Pom is the creation of Emma Nash, who researched natural and organic products to use on her own daughter. Tiddley Pom is designed to leave baby feeling soothed, calm and relaxed and smelling delicious. Inside the spa set were four products which Lynsey having used each one on Imogen. Below is her review of the products and her opinion on the Spa set.

Baby Body Wash

The baby body wash is designed to hydrate irritated and dry skin. It should smell of lavender and chamomile and is packed with other natural and organic plant and vegetable extracts. Lynsey felt that the wash didn’t have much of an aroma, nor did it create too many bubbles. However Imogen didn’t seem to mind it and it left her skin feeling soft after the bath.

Organic Massage Oil

This was Lynsey’s favourite product as she regularly takes Imogen to baby massage classes. The oil is a non fragranced mix of vitamin E and mixed vegetable oils. As promised there was no smell and the beauty of the product was the pump action bottle it comes in. Lynsey found this helpful as you could more easily control the amount of oil coming out of the bottle meaning both mother and baby didn’t end up ‘over oily’! Again Imogen didn’t appear to mind the product and it left her skin soft and moisturised.

Natural Soothing Lotion

Containing plant derivatives, Aloe Vera and Omega 3, 6 and 9 this lotion is designed to moisturise and soothe. However, to start the pump action top was broken meaning Lynsey had to keep unscrewing the bottle when used. Although not indicative of the product inside, it’s not handy when you have a four month old to put to bed. The lotion was light and smooth, being easily absorbed into Imogen’s skin. Lynsey did feel that a lot of lotion was needed to moisturise dry parts and again not a great deal of aroma.

Nappy Balm

Made with 98% natural ingredients including natural fruit waxes, the balm should be thick and soothing to prevent rash or moisture loss from baby’s delicate area. Lynsey felt that the balm had the best smell of all the products. When first using the pot the balm was hard and difficult to get out, but it did soften as you used it more. Lynsey also felt that it delivered on it’s promise and was a great barrier against wetness, soothing the skin around Imogen’s bottom.

Overall, Lynsey was satisfied with the products in the Tiddley Pom spa set and felt it would be a nice gift to receive. The massage oil was a definite favourite for ease of use and results on the skin, as was the nappy balm. Also the instructions in the set urge you to put on music, use the products one after another and indulge baby in spa treatment every night. However as a busy mother, Lynsey felt this may sometimes be impractical and that mother’s may just not have enough time, especially if they have other children with a bed time routine.


  1. Sarah Brewer Reply

    I was one of the research team of mums for Tiddley Pom and we liked the light, not overpowering fragrance and the natural soft bubbles. I agree the massage spray is brilliant and I can control the amount of oil I put onto my son. Really lovely range of products.

  2. I love this product ! The bubbly baby wash doesn’t foam up too much and smells gentle because it’s natural – I like the fact it’s not synthetic or overpowering. The fragrance is also therapeutic, I used it on my four yr old too!

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