Ever wondered what to do with leftover Turkey at Christmas?  In our house Boxing Day Pie has become a firm favourite over the last few years.  The recipe is simple, it tastes great and uses up all of the leftovers so is really cheap.

Fresh Ingredients

1 medium onion – chopped

½ red pepper – chopped

Mushrooms – chopped

Packet of puff pastry

1pt of stock (2 stock cubes)

Black pudding (2 slices) – fried and crumbled


Garlic butter

Cooked carrots – chopped

Diced turkey

Diced ham

1 glass of red wine

Cranberry sauce

Apple sauce

Sage and onion stuffing

Chestnut stuffing


Salt and black pepper, sprinkling of worcestershire sauce, cinnamon,chilli powder (could use fresh chillis but include with frying of vegetables)


Gently fry onions, mushrooms and pepper in garlic butter and put into pie dish.  I use a large, square, shallow dish.

Add all of the other left-over ingredients spreading evenly across the dish.  Add seasoning.

Cover with tin foil and place in a low to medium oven for 2 hours so that all of the flavours blend together.

20 minutes before serving, roll out the puff pastry, remove the tin-foil, put an upturned egg-cup or specialised pie funnel into the centre of the dish to support the pastry and place pastry over pie dish to act as a lid.

Feel free to thicken to preference using cornflour and water.

Cook for 20minutes or until pastry is golden.

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