Well here we are once again: that time of year where tradition (and the fact that everyone at work will ask) forces us to come up with some unattainable and frankly quite silly New Year Resolutions. Mine usually fall somewhere between the ridiculous and the sublime. Can I enter in to any resolutions that include the ‘eco’?

Eco resolutions to stay?
Eco resolutions to stay?

In previous years I’ve promised myself that I’ll detox through January! But by 6pm on the 1st I’m usually found soaked in wine or vodka. I always say this is the year I’ll lose half my body weight (well a quarter) but in all honesty nothing feels as good as chocolate tastes.

Every year I’m determined to be more frugal and keep a track of my finances. But that January pay day is a life time apart from December’s. Let’s face it: resolutions are made to be broken. Unless you have a will of iron, you’re not going to make it past January 10th. This year however I am determined to keep three resolutions. They are as follows:

    1. Stay off the booze starting 2nd January until midnight on the 31st. You see what I’ve done there? Clever huh? I’ve even booked myself in for and hour and a half detox massage. It promises to drain my lymphatic system. I hope that’s of all toxins, not actually draining me!!
  • Be more ‘green’. I have received two shopping bags for Christmas that have already had their first outing to the sales. Brownie points for starting early. I will also recycle more carefully and (once temperatures are no longer sub zero) I will walk the mile to work, not take my car!
  1. This one may be harder to achieve, but I have decided to stop taking crap from people. Relationships are two way things. A bit of give and take. I’m sick of giving! I need some love back. So I need to harden up and de-clutter my life from all negative energy. Maybe I need a crystal or something!

So, there you have it, my three resolutions. Let’s hope this year I can push away negative defeatist thoughts, not be influenced by bad friends and shop assistants pushing plastic bags upon me and actually stick to the bloody things. I’ll keep you updated, but please note that’s not a resolution. After all, there’s limited entertainment value in a bag for life.

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