Trading the good life in the country to chase the city dream could have been an environmental adversity. Lucy Wright shows how it is possible to show the planet some love when living in the big smoke…

The big city: ethically challenging?
The big city: ethically challenging?

Three months ago I packed up my life in rural Norfolk and headed for a new life in the city of London.

I have always led an environmentally conscious lifestyle and was concerned that I would have to compromise some of my ethics when living in the city—I couldn’t have been more wrong.

London life has resulted in significantly less miles clocked up on my car. I use public transport every day whereas in Norfolk almost every journey out of the house was made by car. My total travelling has been reduced as I am conveniently living only a 2 minute walk from the high street.

The town I am living in is operating a no plastic bags scheme. This was yet to happen in the area I lived in Norfolk. The locals have embraced this incentive and it has become second nature for me to carry a jute bag around with me.

Recycling is just as easy in the capital. Admittedly we do not have a black wheelie bin and a green wheelie bin for the London flat but there is a scheme where we recycle a majority of our waste.

Heating and lighting the large house I was used to living in costs a fortune compared to a flat. My carbon footprint has gone from bigfoot to more of a dainty step.

I miss my exquisite Victorian roll top bath that I would enjoy in Norfolk but showers are far friendlier to the environment and allow for extra time in bed in the mornings!

Having called London ‘home’ for a few months now, I have found that being environmentally friendly is easy to incorporate into my new lifestyle and my eco worries are banished. Sometimes the grass can be greener on the other side…

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