Product review written by Rachel Wright. An avid runner and very new to the game of eco living.

As I was desperate to try this product, I admit I didn’t stay too long in the bath. With it’s promise of “impressive results without the chemical overload” I couldn’t wait to get it on my skin.

Happy in citris mint

I have dry skin and in some areas quite sensitive so choosing a product can be hard for me. I need gentle products that will moisturise the ‘dry’ areas too. This product promised “happy-ever-after skin”. It would “leave it soft and rehydrated” and of course I would smell of “energising peppermint, lemon and orange blossom”.

So, I’d jumped out of the bath, dried myself (let me know if this is too much detail) and got out the bottle. It tells me to smooth generously over my skin, which I did, and all I can say is ‘tingle-tastic’. This is one nice body lotion. It’s non greasy and is absorbed quickly into the skin. The tingle is amazing. I have to say it’s best used in the morning after your shower. It really wakes you up. It leaves my skin feeling fresh and it has a great smell that isn’t over-powering.

I’ve been using this product for over a month now and it still leaves my skin fresh and tingly in the mornings, still absorbs nicely and still moisturises most of my skin. My main critique is that it doesn’t quite moisturise the dry parts. My elbows are a particular problem and I have to say I have had to use extra cream on them. Also, now that I’m nearing the end of the bottle, it is getting harder to get the cream out. My daily routine now includes vigorously shaking the bottle upside down so the lotion goes to the neck before manically squeezing it so the lotion comes out!!

Overall however, this is a great body lotion. If you have particularly dry skin it may not be for you and the packaging could do with a re-vamp, but otherwise feels great, smells great, will definitely use again.

Rachel Wright.

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