Have you made any new years resolutions?  If these involve either trying to save money or the urge to do your bit for the environment then let’s find ways to make it happen.


After the extravagances of the Christmas period, most of us feel the need to ‘cleanse’ our lives in some way, shape or form.  Making this a reality isn’t easy when, lets face it, life nowadays is hectic for us all and the demands on our time are greater than ever before.

In reality, we would all benefit from a little help putting those resolutions into practice, especially when it comes to recycling and making the material things in life far more sustainable.

Those of us with bulging wardrobes, filled with items that are unworn or unloved are likely to be looking for ways to rectify this.  Just emptying your wardrobe doesn’t really tick any boxes, something constructive needs to be done with it all.

Deciding what to do with your unwanted items can be a somewhat time consuming and daunting task.  There are, however an array of environmentally friendly routes out there, tailor made for their disposal.  These range from charity shops and second hand dress agencies right through to local clothes swishing events and several online clothes swapping websites.  All of these encourage the recycling of your unwanted items but offer very different consumer experiences.

You could  ‘Swish’ your way through 2010 by supporting your local swishing events, as this is a great way of swapping your old clothes for new and making new friends in the process.

Tried and tested dress agencies are also great for realizing some cash for unwanted garments and you’ll be safe in the knowledge that those items will continue to be worn by others when they are re-sold.

The largest growth area in the clothes recycling industry has been the emergence of online clothes swapping websites that offer a range of swapping and selling options, for those wanting to swap from the comfort of their own homes.  These sites are ideal for those who are short of time, but wish to see the lives of their clothes continue.  They are great for seasonal offers and incentives too and from an environmental point of view couldn’t be better.

Take a look at Swop2Shop.co.uk .  For a limited period they are offering all those who register with them a freepost bag to start the clothes swapping process. This certainly is a big incentive to keep at least one of those New Year’s resolutions!

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