We all love a gift set. Especially if said gift set is comprised of skin care products. A little gift set is a great way to try new products, testing their suitability for you skin, without spending loads of cash up front. So once again I was more than happy to test Essential Care Rose Gift Set for the benefit of you all.

roseboxwebThe set consists of a Creamy Coconut Cleanser, Organic Rose Petal Tonic, Organic Rose Moisturiser and Organic Avocado Replenishing Cream. All products are hand made in Suffolk with organic ingredients. I have meticulously tried each product and here is my verdict:

Creamy Coconut Cleanser

Promises to be biodegradable and made form 88% organically grown ingredients. Packed with coconut, extra virgin olive oils, sage and eucalyptus it should lift away impurities and leave my skin smooth, clean and supple. The cleanser was light and smooth and really easy to apply. I left it on for about 10 minutes (although it doesn’t state how long to leave it on for) but this was perhaps too long as it did start to dry on my skin. For anyone expecting a full on manufactured coconut smell, don’t fret, it actually smells just a touch herby which I assume to be the sage. Essential Care suggest you take the cleanser off with a damp cotton pad but I found this a bit messy so opted to wash it off instead. It left my skin feeling clean, fresh and soft and if I didn’t have quite dry skin I doubt I would have needed to use a moisturiser. A lovely easy to use product.

Organic Rose Petal Tonic

A rehydrating and soothing tonic for dry, sensitive or mature skin, containing rose petal water and it’s essential oil. This was my least favourite product of the set and not one I would go on to buy myself. You’re meant to spray the tonic onto your face and use as either a refreshing spray or after cleansing to tone. Although not adverse to using sprays such as this, all I’ll say is waterproof mascara is a must, as I found out at work. I also found the smell quite overpowering for a facial product. It definitely smelled of roses, but the kind you used to make as a child by stuffing a load of rose petals into a bucket of water, stirring then stewing. That however is a personal view and if you do like that smell then this will be a product that does as it says.

Organic Rose Moisturiser

For all skin types, a regenerative, toning and rehydrating moisturiser containing organic roses and aloe juice. This moisturiser was absolutely amazing. Light and creamy, it absorbed into my skin so easily. It has a fresh and clean smell with just a hint of rose which I really liked. As I’ve mentioned I have quite dry skin but found this moisturiser made my skin feel soft and supple and I didn’t have to use a lot of product to achieve this. A little definitely goes a long way. A gorgeous product and one I would buy in future.

Organic Avocado Replenishing Cream

Antioxidant and deep nourishing for dry or mature skin. Full of avocado and olive oils, shea butter and lavender to promote skin renewal. Again, at the risk of repeating myself, this cream was just amazing. My elbows are a particularly dry area and often crack and are sore. This cream is certainly deep nourishing and extremely moisturising. I applied it solely to my elbows and found that within a couple of days the area was smoother and softer. I loved the smell, which definitely has a hint of the lavender and again a little goes a long way but makes a big difference. A must for those of you with dry skin. Light and easily absorbed it’s a cream I will buy again.

This is a great little gift set and I would be pleased to receive it as a birthday, Christmas or valentine’s gift. Also, as well as being organic, all of the products in the set are suitable for vegans. Although I wasn’t a fan of the Rose Petal Tonic, I loved the cleanser and creams. They’re great for dry or sensitive skins and another plus is the fact that a little goes a long way, making it good value for money. Essential Care have a range of products and is definitely a brand I will revisit in future.

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