When you think of eco hotels you may think of the extreme – reusable everything, notices to turn off the already dim lights… and taps… and under no circumstance do you dare think about taking a bath!

I personally prefer a bit more luxury, but a hotel that still maintains eco credentials, which is why I was led to the Lancaster, London.

Hopping off the tube at Lancaster Gate, the hotel was less than 1 min walk away – bonus points for a proximity to sustainable transport.  The welcome was more than warm and the check in took minutes – efficiency superb.

On arrival at the thirteenth floor, we opened the room door to be greeted with a magnificent view of Hyde Park. Being in ‘the big smoke’ it was positively refreshing to have a view over one of the City’s greenest public spaces, and to take a walk in among runners, inline skaters and even horse riders.

This hotel doesn’t ‘scream’ green by any means, but if you look closely out of the window you will see 4 neatly places bee hives on the lower roof, slowly making some scrumptious honey for use in the hotel’s very own restaurants. (You can keep up to date with the life of the bees by reading the hotel’s very own ‘bee blog’.

The toiletries are natural and a bar of neatly placed vegetable soap on the side of the bath made for a pleasant change.

On offer is a selection of walking and cycling maps for seeing London the ‘sustainable way’ and I hear that they’re working with taxi companies who use hybrid vehicles in an effort to reduce emissions.

The Lancaster is working closely with all of its staff to ensure that everyone is working towards making those next green steps that we all need to make.

Given that this hotel is a 4* luxury haven in the heart of the City, it’s doing a pretty good job of making the right steps towards being green while not being ‘pushy’ to guests. It hits a balance that manages to maintain solid eco credentials while blending in top end luxury. With a ‘silver’ awards from Green Tourism for London, it’s a place I’d like to see again once it gets to ‘gold’.

To book your eco trip, you can call 0207 7262 6737 or visit www.lancasterlondon.com.


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  1. Looks like a GREAT hotel. I need to contact them and ask if they’d like to have a green score rating on our website, http://www.rezhub.com . Thanks for the review. The bee thing is really cool.

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