Now the sun has come out and the volcanic ash has (hopefully) died down, we’re thinking about baring all for our summer holidays – the eco way!  It’s that time of year when we decide to give our bodies a little pampering in a bid to be cool and confident as we (literally) strip away our winter layers.

Charlotte Vohtz, founder of organic skin and beauty care company, Green People, and author of ‘Naturally Gorgeous’ – an essential health and beauty guide, with great advice and tips on how to live a natural and organic lifestyle – has a few hints to keep us in tip top condition this summer.

Buff body

  • Our skin needs a good buff after the long cold winter, in order to shed those dry flakes and make way for fresh, healthy, new skin.  And pay particular attention to heels which can end the winter rather cracked and unsightly.  Try a good organic body scrub to get skin back into action and full of zest.
  • Top tip:  Rub a generous dollop of body butter into your heels and feet at bedtime and cover with cotton socks – you’ll wake up with super soft feet.

Smooth operator

  • Before getting beach bare you may want to try a cellulite lotion for smooth pegs to be proud of.  The trick is to use a Body Brush first to stimulate blood and lymphatic circulation, helping to flush toxins from the body and improve overall skin tone

Faking it

  • And then you’re ready to start your tan off with a pre-holiday glow!  Get streak-free, natural results, by giving the body a good scrub first and applying moisturiser to backs of knees, elbows and wrists before applying an authentic organic self tan – Green People’s is scented with Rosehip, Sandalwood and Geranium so it doesn’t give off that chemical smell!

Loads of lotion

  • Remember to keep reapplying your sun lotion every two hours – and apply generously.  The latest reports show that insufficient amounts of sun lotion will significantly reduce the effective protection from UV rays.  As a guide, an application the size of a shot glass (30ml) should be enough to cover the whole body adequately.

Face the Sun

  • Ensure that you are protected from UV rays throughout the day, even when it’s not so hot.  Look for a moisturiser which contains a minimum SPF15 and you can even opt for mineral make up which has built in natural SPF .

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