Preparing life for your little one is exciting and challenging, with lots of preparation to be had before the big arrival. To pop some eco touches in to baby’s first few months, we’ve been testing a range of products to help you go green with your tot!

Bambino Merino

The Bambino Merino grobag arrived neatly packaged in its own matching little drawstring bag which excited me from the beginning as I particularly love attractive packaging!  The grobag (and its bag) were in a soft beige and cream stripe which was ideal for us as at the point we received it we still had no inkling of what our little baby would be.  As the grobag is suitable for babies from 3 months, we have had to wait a little while for our little girl to be able to use it, however the wait has been worthwhile.

The Bambino Merino grobag is beautifully soft to the touch and our little one is always happy to be in it – especially given that the nights are now colder as we approach Christmas.  I was initially scared of this product as I was worried about whether I would just be able to pop it in the washing machine with all of the rest of the laundry, or whether it would need some form of separate washing ritual of its own – I needn’t have been concerned – it just goes in the machine with everything else which was a relief, given the amount of laundry generated by one small child, I didn’t want to be having to do separate delicates!

It also dried pleasingly quickly on the airer, and so no need to tumble dry.  The sizing is also on the generous size, so although you have to wait until your baby is big enough to use it, it will last us across the winter and well into the spring and possible summer months.  I would definitely recommend this product – either as a Christmas purchase for those who already have children, or maybe as a gift for someone who is expecting as it is both beautiful and practical.

littlemLittle me – Sweet Dreams Gift Pack

I was given the little me organics gift pack in dill and organic lavender shortly after having our daughter. The gift pack contains bath milk, hair and body wash, body cream and a white flannel and a small rubber duck.

I initially thought the combination of dill and lavender sounded rather unusual, however, on using the products I found that the dill went well with the lavender and changed the scent from the potentially old-ladies-perfume-ness that can accompany some lavender toiletries, to something entirely more soothing and relaxing.

The bath milk and hair and body wash both appeared more appropriate for a young baby (and mum!) as there are no chemicals to make it foam excessively and the scent was delicate which means that your baby still smells like your baby rather than the bath products.

The body cream was smooth and soft and ideal to use for a post-bath massage for baby before bed time as an addition to the calming evening routine.  The products all come in generously sized bottles and as babies in general have smaller baths and use less products, these will last for a plenty of bath times for both mum and baby.

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