In the run up to Easter, and a flurry of bank holidays, you may want to keep in mind some eco tips along the way!

eco easter

Observe Lent

OK, so that might sound a bit preachy, but the tradition of giving up a luxury for Lent always served a practical purpose as well as a religious one, with the winter stores running low and the abundance of spring yet to come. Not only could it get you back on track with all those forgotten New Year’s resolutions, it’s a good opportunity to save some money for the holidays.

Make Easter Gifts

For chocolate lovers and eco warriors alike, the chocolate to packaging ratio of a standard Easter egg is a massive let-down. One of my fondest childhood memories is pouring delicious melted chocolate into bunny-shaped moulds, then wrapping the finished product in coloured tissue once it had cooled. Tie a ribbon round the bunny’s neck, and you’ve got the perfect Easter gift. Home-made shredded wheat and chocolate bird’s nests are also hugely entertaining, both in the making and the eating!

For the non-chocolate lover, a gift of bulbs or a potted plant makes a great sustainable alternative to flowers.

Get Outdoors

Look for alternative holiday activities to get the whole family outdoors (weather permitting!). Find out if your local community groups or local parks are planning any events, fairs or egg hunts. Entry to these events is often free, and if it’s within walking distance, even better. If there is a shortage of activities near you, why not organise your own egg hunt or card-making competition with family and friends at home?

And finally, for some real-life Easter bunnies, check out your local petting zoo- many public parks have one.

Prepare for the Main Event

April is a fantastic month for vegetables, with green cabbage, purple sprouting broccoli, spring greens, cauliflower, spinach and watercress all at their best at this time of year. Onions, potatoes, carrots and leeks are also in season.

And with such a great variety of iron-rich greens to choose from, why not select a smaller joint of meat for your roast? Consuming less meat benefits all of us, and also means you can afford to upgrade to a more sustainable product. Or try something a bit different: April is wood pigeon season.

Admittedly on the fruit front things are a little less inspiring at this time of year, but at least Mother Nature allows for a classic rhubarb crumble to finish your day off nicely.

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