A brand new approach to saving costs through the food chains has been introduced… Love. That’s right, on Valentine’s Day a new initiative went live in a bid to cut food waste, reduce spiralling transport costs and create new markets for buyers and sellers. Think of it as a dating website, and match up your needs today!

MyFoodTrader.com is the new initiative to promote businesses and their produce to buyers who have a need for it. It highlights the reputation of business’ and finds matches within a specified geographical area. The creator of this project, Rob Ward states, “Everyone wants to save time and money but many businesses can’t see the wood for the trees because they are being bombarded with vast quantities of information on a daily basis, life needs to be simpler and more effective, not more involved and complicated.” He is also the man behind other successful initiatives such as Honest Labelling and is a fierce champion of regional food, therefore there’s no reason why this one won’t work either! Rob hopes to create a new market place whilst creating a level playing field for the vast quantity of independent and artisan producers. That’s why he has created a new trading platform which enables everyone in the food chain to do business and work out agreements to suit them. This saves half empty lorries driving up and down the country, and avoids millions of pounds going to waste, never mind the amount of CO2 that’s saved from the atmosphere. The aim is to match businesses in terms of suitability, so they can work more effectively together to save time and money.

This website operates an alert system which allows last minute orders to be taken on crops in lorries with spare haulage space at the fraction of the cost. Rob explains that “You could have a restaurant sending out an alert looking for strawberries within a 50-mile radius or a grower sending out an alert looking for a customer to snap up their excess stock, either way MyFoodTrader gives buyers and sellers the opportunity to reach a huge audience at the touch of a button.” Not only does this system save time it has the ability to prevent large amounts of waste from excess stock to fuel costs.

The website also offers ratings on other information which may be useful to consumers with information available on items which are value for money and trading terms and agreements. This therefore gives more of a platform for credible decision making and gives businesses who may be interested on getting in on this deal an honest overview of what goes on.  As Rob says, “There has been an explosion in independent and regional producers and the British public have really bought into this. However, like every other sector, there will be a small minority of businesses which care more about the profit line than they do about the consumer.” Therefore MyFoodTrader is a useful tool to perspective participants of the scheme to ascertain the reputable ones from the baddies. Allowing every business to check out each other’s reputation also provides healthy competition. In addition; business’ can decide, based on what they see whether or not they want to trade with them.

Rob has already been in talks with France’s food federation to see if the project can be rolled out across the Channel. This scheme is set to take over the world as more than 1,000 businesses from 60 countries have signed up! To take part in this, you must register at the website, create a profile, register alerts, and you’re away! You must then subscribe to receive the latest contact details of the prospective buyer of whom you’ve been matched. The website is very easy to use, much like eBay in the sense that users will be able to display it via widget and through a live news feed.

Come on, LOVE your food, and have a more eco-friendly meal!

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  1. Thank you Katie,

    This is a really exciting opportunity for small to medium sized food businesses. Particularly if they buy or sell local or regional food.

    Less time wasted on trying to find who is the best to buy or sell from and less wasted money on advertising 😉

    Best wishes,

    Rob Ward – Founder of http://www.MyFoodTrader.com

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