Liverpool is renowned for its shopping facilities; it has a diversity of shops which range from designer shops to vintage boutiques. Liverpool One offers more than 160 high street shops, but Liverpool also has many eco-friendly shops dotted around the city centre.


On average in Britain we spend £23 billion on clothes annually, resulting in one million tonnes of clothes being thrown away, which is potentially harmful to the environment. Liverpool’s vintage shops offer recycled, yet fashionable items. More people are embracing vintage clothes and they have never been more sought after.

Little Red Vintage, on Bold Street offers a selection of clothing, shoes and accessories from the 1950’s to the 1980’s period, Raiders Vintage is the largest chic boutique in Liverpool that sells recycled clothing and furniture dating back to the 1920’s – the company are always open to requests from customers, Resurrection, which sells many high street clothing is also following the lead, since 2008, by producing environmentally friendly denim. There are also many other vintage shops which customise and re-work old items and help to create sustainable living.

The Olive Tree, which is situated in Renshaw Street, is a quirky spititual shop, which has an eclectic range of products. Many of the products are recycled – including the carrier bags. They also sell Fair Trade imported crafts.

Starchild of Glastonbury is an organic range of cosmetics, such as soaps, creams and deodorants which are shaped from bio-degradable materials and natural fibres, making them suitable for Vegetarians and Vegans.

Somaia Mcteer, The Olive Tree store owner, Says: “We believe in caring for the environment, The Olive Tree has been instrumental in proposing and forming ‘The Green Renshaw Street Project, which is our first project to have a meditation garden on waste land at the top of the Street

She added: “We are currently seeking funding to implement the project which will involve schools, colleges and the community.”

Shared Earth, Bold Street is the largest Fair Trade retailer in the UK and has numerous shops. Shared Earth work with more than forty producer groups, comprising fifteen developing countries, namely India, to provide quality products. They offer many recycled products, made from car tyres, tin cans, bicycle chains, and newspapers and magazines, the jewellery is a very popular choice for buyers and most of it is created from old saris. They ship products to the UK by sea rather than by air to reduce carbon emissions.

Sarah Hardman, Designer of Shared Earth LTD, says: “Fair Trade  principles ensure every person involved in the supply chain gets a good price for their work, meaning our costs are higher than those of retailers not working in Fair Trade, but it is our job to sell our products at a reasonable price in comparison with the High Street.

“Our work is about sustainability, not just in the materials and processes used but in the end product, it will therefore generate re-orders for disadvantaged artisans.”

So if you’re ever in Liverpool, and want to do some eco shopping, here are some a few spots to start with – we’d love to hear if you come across any more!

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