Nothing says “I love you” like a solar powered vibrator. No? How about eco-friendly vegan condoms? Or perhaps S&M with a recycled rubber whip handcrafted from recycled car and truck tire parts?

If you’re stuck for ideas, these are just a few of the green gifts being brandished by various eco-conscious companies, aimed at making our sex more sustainable this Valentines day.

From the ins and outs of sexual lubricants, to the design of vibrators such as the Amazon by industrial designer, Ofer Zick, from the firm TOY – Thinking of you, many manufacturers are now offering individuals unwavering personal pleasure without the added planetary pain.

Ok, so your carbon footprint is probably the last thing you’d be considering when getting down and dirty but believe it or not, although being a wholly natural thing in itself, some aspects of sex are less than sustainable.

Sex toys, for example, are made of plastic which we all know isn’t great for the environment. But did you know that most sex toys contain a group of chemical compounds called phthalates, a controversial PVC softener that is linked to infertility, hormone disruptions and birth defects?

Since 1999 these phthalates have been restricted in the European Union for use in children’s toys, with amounts greater than 0.1% being illegal.  Yet, due to less rigorous regulation, you’ll find phtalates in most sex toys on the market.

Fortunately many companies, such as Earth Erotics and Good Clean Love, have sought to address these issues, offering sustainable sex toys, which are safe for our bodies and the environment.

Founded in 2003 by Wendy Strgar, is devoted to providing its customers with sex of seismic proportions that leave our planet unharmed.

“We believe that love products and petrochemicals don’t mix,” explains Strgar. “Good Clean Love is dedicated to making love sustainable and we are continuously working to educate women, physicians and retail stores about the importance of clean and healthy ingredients in love products.”

Whilst the options for engaging in eco-sex are endless, if you’re stuck for ideas, the book Eco-sex: Go Green Between The Sheets And Make your Love Life Sustainable by green sex expert, Stephanie Iris Weiss, provides plenty of tantalising tips for reducing your carbon footprint in the boudoir.

“There are two main elements involved here, reducing your carbon footprint and acknowledging your health,” Weiss said. “There are so many options available to couples and singles who are looking to get involved. Holistic sex starts with you.”

Going green also appears to pay dividends when it comes to attracting a mate, as an online poll of more than 1,000 men and women aged 18 or older, in January 2012, revealed more than three-quarters of Americans find eco-minded behaviours an attractive quality in a mate.

According to The Timberland Eco-Survey, 56% of women are more likely to be turned off by anti-environmental behaviour, while 47% of males would question whether to date someone with similar [anti-environmental] behaviour.

And if you are single and looking for that green-minded compadré (that you haven’t managed to find at your local recycling centre), cupid has drawn back his bow and extended his range to the various eco-friendly dating and networking websites such as Ecodater.

Filled with environmentalists, vegans and vegetarians, organic farmers, outdoor enthusiasts, eco travelers and many other practitioners of green living, the site aims to match like minded individuals and is free to join.

So this February 14, whatever your plans, why not go green with your love and have a happy sustainable Valentines Day.

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