My husband jokes that our baby is going to grow up thinking they’ve been raised by owls. We have owls in the nursery and now owls on baby’s sleeping bag (I may also be eyeing up an owl covered changing bag too!?!). I simply can’t resist a good owl and hopefully it will teach baby to grow up wise (and fond of birds)?!

We received the owl covered Ergo Pouch sleeping bag before Christmas, and the 2.5togs meant it’s perfect to use between 18-23 degrees c, and it event comes with a handy room thermometer. With a zip up the front, baby only needs a sleep suit underneath and away he goes, off to sleep, nice and toasty!

The Ergo Pouch is not lacking in eco credentials, with both the outer and inner fabrics being 100% pure organic cotton. The manufacturing process is totally natural, using no pesticides or chemicals. The sleeping bag keeps baby’s temperature consistent with its breathable fabric.

The product washes incredibly well on a 30 degree wash and we can say baby sleeps happily in this product. (Perhaps it’s all down to the owls?!)


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