As a first time mum I was keen to avoid the financial and environmental cost of using disposable nappies. When faced with statistics such as we’ll throw away around 4,000 nappies from birth to potty training, and disposables take up to 500 years to decompose, who wouldn’t want to try cloth bums? The latest stats reveal that by using cloth nappies the average saving is £500 per baby (including washing costs), so why not give cloth nappies a go this Real Nappy Week?

We’ve been testing TotsBots Easyfit nappies for the past couple of months. They are one size fits all (8lbs-35lbs), with a fantastic popper system that allows the size of the nappy to be adjusted depending upon the size of your baby. Liv is four months old now, and the smallest setting fits her well, with no leakage reported to date!

The nappies themselves are a visual treat! The ‘Every Nappy Tells A Story’ range come with prints of Hansel and Gretel, Three Little Pigs, Chicken Licken, Jack and the Beanstalk and The Enormous Turnip. They caught everyone’s eye and attracted a range of complements from friends and family visiting us over the last month.

Visuals aside, there is so much more to these nappies than initially meets the eye! We were really impressed with the internal design of the nappy – once you start touching them, it’s hard to stop! They have a super soft minky lining which can be topped with a reusable fleece or disposable liner and boosted with a bamboo liner for overnight. During the day we were getting approx 3 hours from one nappy, and boosting for nighttime Liv was happy for a good 4 hours + without a change.

In terms of washing the nappies, TotsBots have their very own detergent ‘Potion’ which allows the nappies to be washed at a lower temperature, saving on energy. We used Potion on a 30 degree wash with soiled nappies and they came out brilliantly, so well worth looking at this. Normally non bio detergents have a recommended wash temperature of 60 degrees for soiled nappies.

After washing, comes drying, and we were pleasantly surprised that after drying overnight in our spare room they were dry for the next morning.

Overall, the nappies get a big high-five from both mum and baby!

What we love:

The longevity! These nappies are suitable from birth to 35lbs.

Unisex design! In keeping with their eco credentials, they can easily be used with baby number 2, whether they are a boy or girl.

Quick drying! For a first time, busy mum we’re so pleased that these nappies dry quickly overnight. In summer it will be even faster on the line!

Accessories! TotsBots have a whole host of washing accessories, from nappy bins to wet wash bags that are invaluable for when you’re out and about.

Pack of 5 Easyfits ‘Every Nappy Tells A Story’ £79.99 



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