We’re going real nappy crazy over here at Hello Eco Living – we simply can’t get enough of them. Not only do they make environmental and financial sense, they come in the most beautiful colours and designs… what mother wouldn’t want to go cloth? This month we’ve been putting Bambino Mio’s Miosolos to the test.

This all in one nappy is suitable from birth and we’ve been using it with young Isabella from week 3 of her little life. The nappy has a lovely popper system that allows you to adjust the size. Using the smallest setting is perfect for our little lady and we haven’t had one explosion (touch wood!). The Velcro fastening allows us to get a really good fit around her little tummy and legs (and our little girl has very skinny legs!)

We’ve found that Isabella is comfy in this nappy and she can go a good four-six hours in the night without a change. This all in one nappy is quick and easy to use, making change time seamless.

After the nappies have been through the wash they dry pretty quickly and if they are washed in the morning, they are ready for use that evening.

We love the beautiful colours in this range, and will be expanding our collection very soon!

What we love:

The longevity! These nappies are suitable from birth to potty

Unisex! In keeping with their eco credentials, they can easily be used with baby number 2, whether they are a boy or girl.

Quick drying! For a first time, busy mum we’re so pleased that these nappies dry quickly.

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