The rising cost in energy bills coupled with the busy lifestyles we lead; make keeping tabs of our energy consumption a bit of a headache. In fact 10% of our energy consumption is produced by leaving our appliances on standby producing an average cost per household of between £50 and £86 a year. So what is the solution? Imagine switching off and controlling all of your appliances at the click of a Smartphone or laptop whilst out at work or even on holiday. This concept is now a reality with the innovative eco technology in the form of the Wattio SmartHome 360° Solution.

What is Wattio?

Wattio technology includes a series of gadgets, software and cloud services which enable users to monitor, schedule and control gas and electricity consumption throughout their homes. Gadgets start from just £30 for POD’s which plug in to household sockets, giving you full control of any appliance plugged into the POD. Other gadgets in the range include the GATE, THERMIC and BAT. The GATE is the essential part of the gadgetry system and allows users to control their home temperature and switch off appliances from the gate itself, apps on Smartphone’s and tablets or through a web browser.

Wattio gadget packs are available from £133, the £133 pack includes a GATE, BAT and 3 years free subscription to the cloud system known as the CORE.

Wattio gadgets and software also include some other useful features such as notifications of blackouts and when your TV has been switched on (great for keeping tabs of your teens during homework time). Security is also an integral feature of Wattio, allowing you to prevent burglaries or fool nosy neighbours into thinking your home by activating presence mode. The software and cloud services also allow you to compare your energy consumption with similar households (using Wattio) which is another way of ensuring your household is being as eco as possible.


Wattio is most definitely the home and business eco technology of the future. The gadgets look fantastic and effortlessly interlink with the software and cloud services, enabling households to have control over their homes like never before. I would definitely consider having this technology in my home in the future.

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