I became a mother for the first time earlier this year, and as with all areas of my life, I’ve tried to be as Eco as possible… from the clothes my baby wears to what I feed her.

Feeding time…

We’re all aware  by now that ‘breast is best’, even formula manufacturers tell us so in their marketing campaigns, but what do exclusively breastfeeding mothers do when a trip to the spa or a friend’s wedding comes about? Express of course!

The world of expressing is a crazy place; DIY vs pumping; handheld or electric?! If you’re anything like me, you’ll want ease and simplicity and for that reason, I choose the Medela Swing, with no regrets!

The Medela Swing can be plugged in or battery operated, letting the pump go where you go. It was perfect to take to a friend’s wedding and isn’t too loud as to raise suspicions in the ladies loos! It’s compact and comes with a little bag to pack everything away neatly! The Medela calma bottle which is supplied with the pump was a big hit with our daughter, mimicking the breast in the sucking action she uses to release the milk makes the transition from breast to bottle that bit easier. All in all this pump gets a big high-five from me in making life a lot easier which is definitely needed when you have a new born!

On the move…

When it comes to transport, I must admit I did invest in the beautiful Bugaboo which is a delight to push everywhere. I am however a fan of baby wearing, and have tried a fair few carriers out over the last few months. In the early days I couldn’t live without my Baba Sling. It was compact enough to take anywhere with me, and perfect to carry my new born around the house when I was doing some house work! It kept her safe and secure next to me and she often fell asleep in it. It looks fab and comes in a huge range of colours as well as having an organic range of fabrics too. It’s down fall was putting too much weight on one shoulder, so as baby has grown bigger, I’ve opted for a two shoulder carrier – the Baby Bjorn.

The Baby Bjorn Comfort Carrier comes in organic cotton and is our new best friend for all trips to be beach! It’s also a popular hit with the husband who finds it suitable ‘manly’. They weren’t wrong when they named this carrier ‘comfort’, we can walk for well over an hour with no complaints. Baby loves snuggling into us when she is having a sleep or facing outwards and taking in the world now her head is stable enough! A top Eco buy in our opinion!

Splash time…

Finally, I have to share a firm favourite of ours when it comes to Eco baby wear; a beautiful towel from My First Years, personalised with baby’s name. It’s organic, soft and we’ve had countless comments about it at swimming class!  It comes with a matching hand mit and is gift wrapped in a delightful box! We love it!

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