If you thought that only frugal homemakers subscribed to the life hacking lifestyle, then you couldn’t be more wrong. Organizations the world over have started appealing to our desire to save more and dump less by opening new methods for making the most of everything from old clothes to old mobile devices. Since 2008, Oxfam’s partnership with Marks and Spencer has resulted in over £8 million from old clothes being donated to charities; meanwhile, Recycle4Charity’s ink cartridge and mobile phone recycling programs have raised £864,000.

Almost everything can be recycled, down to your favorite tube of lipstick. But before you take your old cosmetics to get them recycled, try these easy tips to make sure that you get the most out of your favorite makeup products.

1.       Combine old lipstick to make a new shade.

The little bits of lipstick that stick to the tube or bottle annoy anyone and everyone who’s ever had a favorite shade. Here’s a fun and easy way to make the most out of the situation: Take all of your old, almost-used-up-but-not-quite-yet tubes of lipstick, and scrape off all of the bits of lipstick stuck to the sides. Melt them together in a large spoon, mix together carefully, pour into one of the empty bottles, and set aside in the fridge to cool.

2.       Combine your pressed powder with facial moisturizer.

This neat trick lets you accomplish two parts of your beauty regimen in one. By mixing what’s left of your cracked pressed powders with your favorite facial moisturizer, you can have a great foundation, and still keep your face moisturized. It’s also a lot easier to apply than powder foundation!

3.       Mix old eye shadow with clear nail polish.

If you’ve ever bought glittery eye shadow that you thought you’d never use outside of a night club, then this project is perfect for you. Just combine the eye shadow with clear nail polish to make your own color.

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