One of our best loved brands at Hello Eco Living, Burts Bees, received some devastating news on Sunday. Co-founder and campaigner for bees, Burt Shavitz, sadly passed away. His legacy however still lives on in more than 40 countries world-wide.

His passion was bees and not big business. He started selling his honey on the side of the road and lived in a 400m Turkey Coop until he met his c0-founder and lover Roxanne Quimby hitchhiking the summer of 1984. She took his unused beeswax and made it into candles, and then to lip balms – the peppermint is still the brand’s best seller today.

Even as the company rose to fame with his face on the packaging, Shavitz took to a remote cabin in Maine. He loved nature, the sights, the sounds, the peace and the quiet. His relationship ended with Quimby in the late 90s, and saw her buy him out of the company and consequently sell it to a big corporate, who still retain his image on the packaging.

A beautiful story of a love for nature created a wonderful natural product the world was craving. RIP Burt Shavitz.

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