Taking on an all natural and more eco friendly lifestyle can seem pretty daunting when you think about all the chemicals and synthetic products we can use on a day to day basis. But just changing five small things about your daily routine can lead to an incredible difference for not just yourself, but the world around you as well! So without further ado, here are five small steps to make a big difference:

Take a look at your skincare regime, and see if you can swap anything out. Sick of the bland, chemical smell of your moisturiser? Try the gorgeously scented coconut oil to add some joy to your routine. Does your skin sometimes feel even more irritated after using aftersun creams? Take a look at natural aloe vera based products.

Certain meat products can go through a lot of chemical processes to keep them fresh. Considering shopping with your local butcher instead, and reduce the amount of unnatural additives in your food while helping to sustain your local economy. Even better, consider going vegan or vegetarian to really make a difference!

Consider your fashion choices. Factories mass producing garments also produce a lot of waste, and in countries such as China, there is a lot of concern about the treatment of factory employees. Embrace your creative side by seeing if you can upcycle any of your current clothes, or take a look in your local charity shop before heading to the high street. You’ll save yourself money and support a great cause. What could be better?

It’s so true that living a more eco lifestyle can save you lots of money. If you have a car but live in a large town or city, consider whether using it is always really necessary. Public transport is generally a lot cheaper than insurance, fuel and maintenance costs of a vehicle. Even better, treat your body and walk or run to your destination!

Be responsible with your waste. In the UK, there is a law coming in this October which will introduce a charge for plastic bags at supermarkets. Ensure you reuse your bags and save yourself money while saving the environment as well. Additionally, always ensure that your household waste goes into the appropriate recycling bins.

And there we have it! Even just adopting a couple of these tips to your lifestyle can make a fantastic difference to yourself and the world around you.

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