While Halloween is a tradition enjoyed by young and old, it isn’t something traditionally associated with eco friendliness. From chemical spray hair dyes to the enormous amount of plastic and synthetic wigs, costumes, everything! However, there’s no better opportunity to combine your love of Halloween festivities with an appreciation and respect for the environment! Read on to discover my five top tips for an Eco Halloween.

Make your own Halloween costumes! The production of store-bought costumes often involves a toxic combination of synthetics and fibres. Additionally, anything bought cheaply from the store is a lot more likely to be simply tossed in the bin once Halloween is over. By making your own costumes, you’ll not only save money and have a great time doing so, but you’ll also be doing your part for the environment. A homemade Halloween costume is sure to look extra unique. It could be anything from an old black jumper cut into to create a spider web effect, to a dress accessorised to make a Witch’s outfit. Alternatively, you could pair up with a friend and swap costumes!

You’re definitely not alone in thinking that Halloween is a time for children to indulge in all kinds of sweets. However, these sweets generally contain E numbers and unnatural additives. Consider instead making your own treats. A homemade Halloween themed cupcake, for example, will satisfy anyone’s sweet tooth while reducing the amount of unnatural ingredients consumed.

Make your own Halloween decorations. This can be so simple and cheap. A bit of Kirigami on white paper can create all kinds of Ghoulish shapes, and any old bits of material can be draped to create a “haunted house” look.

Be very wary of Halloween face paints. A blotchy, sore face is a sure way to take all of the fun out of Halloween. Alas, this is quite common due to the chemicals used to make the vibrant colours in face paint. Consider making your own mask instead, or use the makeup you already own to save money, save wastage and create a unique Halloween look. Deep red lipstick and creative use of eyeliner can create the perfect Witch look.

Get the full use out of your Pumpkin! Once you’ve hollowed out your decorative pumpkin, don’t just throw the seeds and pulp away. The versatility of this delicious squash plant means that the potential for recipes are nearly endless, and you can always surprise your neighbours or family with a delicious pumpkin soup or pumpkin-infused bread if you don’t like the taste yourself.

And there you have it! The general takeaway message is as always – making your own costumes, decorations etc. is so much cheaper and more fun. You’ll also, of course, be doing the environment a big favour.




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