Tonight I decided to try something new. A homemade face mask.

It’s crazy to think I’ve never tried this before.  I usually indulge in LUSH face masks, but in the absence of a shop bought product and a face in need of some TLC, I located a receipe that called for some everyday household items; natural yoghurt and honey.

So, here’s how it goes.

1 teaspoon natural yoghurt (I used Yeovalley organic)

1 teaspoon of honey

Mix it up and start spooning it on your face! Once a layer has dried, build up the layers until you’re happy with it. I went for three layers.  Sit, relax, read a book and around 15 mins later grab a warm cloth and wipe clean! Easy, cheap, natural face mask that smells delicious and leaves the face suprisingly soft!

One thing to note is that it’s very, very sticky, so I applied it with the back of a spoon and washed off with a warm cloth!

If you have any other natural recipes to share, I’d love to read them!


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