Some of the shops on the high street that you might assume to be unethical are actually pretty surprising in their morality! Though many of them might not advertise themselves as ethical, and there might be room for improvement, sometimes it’s good that they’re just a little bit less bad! Every little counts when it comes to buying ethical fashion on the high street. Let’s take a look at the top ethical high street retailers…

Seasalt Makes their clothes in the UK in the South west and Guernsey, therefore lowering their carbon footprint.

Fat Face This shop has a strict code of factory conduct for the factories that produce their clothes meaning that only factories with good conditions for their workers are allowed to work for the company.

New Balance Does random spot checks in its supplier’s factories worldwide to check working conditions and standards are high.

M&S Marksies has been voted one of the best shops for sustainability and ethics. It has a Plan A commitment to the environment, has built a eco factory in Sri Lanka powered solely by renewable energy and was one of the first shops on the high street to sign the Bangladesh Accord following the collapse of a clothing manufacturing factory in the region.  Additionally it has also been rated leader in the ‘Greenpeace detox Catwalk’ and aims to purchase 70% of its cotton from sustainable sources by 2020.

Gap Has been committed to ethical trading since opening and also has the (RED) campaign where 50% of profits from the clothes in this range go to Aids prevention in Africa.

H&M Has its own Conscious Collection ensuring that the clothes are made by people who are being paid fairly. H&M also has many organic clothes and has collection points for shoppers to donate their unwanted clothes which are then recycled; they even offer a £5 voucher as an incentive to donate.

Toms Buy a pair for their shoes and they donate a pair to a needy child. 

New Look Has their own organic range (I had no idea!) also the New Look Foundation supports lots of worldwide charities.

Creepers Mostly vegan!

John Lewis Has a progressive partnership scheme for its employees meaning workers get a share of the profits and a say in the decisions made by the company. They also have a supportive employee benefits system.

Monsoon The Monsoon and Accessorize Trust provides support for women and children in Asia. They also have an ethical compliance team with minimum requirements on pay, working conditions and employment rights.

For more information on great places to shop ethically take a look at the Good shopping Guide and the Ethical Consumer.


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