Shopping ethically can be a bit tricky and pricey if you look in the wrong places. Admittedly some of these online ethical retailers are a little expensive but many of them, especially People Tree, have a fantastic sale. Sign up to their mailing lists and they will alert you when a sale has begun, some of them even offer a first order discount.

Here are some sites and shops which have been found to be conscious: Environmentally sustainable, fair trade fashion. Sustainable fashion. Fair trade clothing in natural fabrics. Informs shoppers when products are eco-friendly, made in Britain or organic. Clothes manufactured in Britain in eco-friendly fabrics. A collection of high-fashion ethical brands. A collection of ethical brand from all around the world. Ethical lingerie bought on Etsy and ‘Not on the high-street.’ 100% vegan accessories. Sells fair trade, ethically sourced Gold and Silver jewellery. Vegan and vegetarian footwear made from cruelty free fabrics sourced from suppliers who work close to their factory therefore decreasing their carbon footprint. Sells fair trade, eco-friendly, organic fashion. Kenyan made jewellery made from locally sourced materials by employees whose local communities are supported by the company. Ethical wedding attire. Fairtrade, handmade jewellery.

For more information on great places to shop ethically take a look at the Good shopping Guide and the Ethical Consumer.


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