The countdown is on. With less than 50 sleeps until Boomtown 2017, we are very excited to see what Chapter 9 of the story has in store.

If you read our last feature, you’ll be pretty clued up about what Boomtown has to offer, being one of the UK’s most innovative independent festivals. Boomtown leads the way in terms of set design and production values, offering its 60,000 attendees a fully immersive, theatrically-led experience. And with ten musical districts and hundreds of actors bringing each one to life it is a festival experience unlike any other.  Indeed, with this matrimony of immersive theatre and outstanding musical line-up, it is little wonder why the festival has now officially sold out in record time. But wait, don’t hit the X in the top corner of your screen just yet. There are still other options available for you to bag yourself a ticket to this year’s festival.

For anyone still looking for a ticket, there are still a small amount of Coach Traveller packages available through Big Green Coaches, from 55 different locations across the UK. There are also Shuttle Traveller packages which include a return bus from Winchester train station to the festival’s gates. Please note you MUST arrive via coach / shuttle.  More info can be found under Boomtown’s Coach Travel section here.

Tempted to buy from touters? Boomtown have put a warning out to all those on the hunt for cheaper tickets from unofficial outlets, with information on how to stay clear of fraudulent tickets on their website.

Head over to their website to get your LAST CHANCE of a ticket to this year’s festival where over 500 acts can be found across nearly 30 stages and ten districts. Discover what’s in store in Chinatown, Wild West, Trenchtown, Whistlers Green, Kidztown, Sector 6  Oldtown, DSTRKT 5, Mayfair, Barrio Loco and Bang Hai Towers.

Got your ticket? Stay tuned for our interview with the festival organisers, highlighting the ethics and eco-conscious aspects to this innovative festival.

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