As a vegetarian, vegetable stock is an essential base for many meals, including risotto, soups and casseroles, and not forgetting a good gravy! It’s important for me that a stock is full of flavour, to really bring together a wonderful meal. Yes, it’s easy to buy vegetable stock in a pack from the local supermarket, but have you ever considered making your own? I hadn’t until a few weeks ago, when I was told an easy way to make it, with the added benefit of making use of kitchen scraps, creating a rich, flavoursome stock. Here’s how you can make it too!

The following are suggestions for vegetable’s and the scraps you can use for your stock, but really you can add whatever you have!

  • Onions (top, bottom, skins)
  • Celery (top, bottom)
  • Carrots (top, bottom, skins)
  • Mushrooms (stems)
  • Potatoes (tops, bottoms, skins)
  • Garlic (top, bottom, skins)
  • Fresh herbs such as parsley (stems)

Add the scraps to sealed freezer bags (or one’s that are suitable for freezing) until they are full, and freeze for up to 6 months!

When you’re ready to create your stock, add the scraps to a casserole-style dish and cover fully with boiling water. Allow this to simmer for 30 minutes at least (I usually allow 40-45 minutes). You can then strain this through a sieve, leaving the scrap-free stock. Now it’s up to you to decide whether you separate this into different containers ready for use (stored in the fridge), or alternatively fill ice trays with the stock, which you can then freeze for another 3 months!

Tried and tested, this is a real winner; full of flavour, simple and making your food go further- you’ll never go back to your supermarket stock again!

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