Living in Northumberland has it’s plus points – beautiful scenery, close to the country as well as the coast, but when it snows, oh it snows. We are now on day three of being snowed in thanks to the #beastoftheast. We have taken this chance to really reconnect as a family. It’s wonderful how the snow slows you down – and forces you to leave the car on your drive and go where you need to by foot.


We’ve been on some epic sledging adventures – we are lucky to live next to some pretty good hills. When food started running low to took a sledging expedition into the centre of town – great sledging down the hill, pretty hard work coming back up with two bags of shopping!

Sledge shopping


Our major achievement over the past week is making our very own igloo! It took a good three days to complete, but luckily Isabella loves nothing better than the snow, so with some good warm ski gear on, we enjoyed the challenge. Look out for our ‘how to make an igloo’ article coming up… 


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