The season of pumpkins and trick or treating  is almost upon us! With a few weeks to go until the 31st October, we thought we’d share our top tips for having a plastic free, zero waste and generally more eco friendly Halloween.

Make your own decorations

It’s ever so easy to get carried away buying heaps of plastic, foil or single use decorations at this time of year. They are everywhere and don’t cost a lot of money if you go to the like of Poundland. The truth is that they’ll likely break after the first use and then be thrown into landfill without a second thought. A fabulous activity with your little ones is to make your own. This year we are taking our least favourite life size doll of Isabella’s, throwing a black wig on her and putting her at the door. We have some old shoes we plan on turning into witches shoes, and no doubt we will get the paints out one Sunday afternoon and create some spooky posters! We will update our Instagram @helloecoliving with all of our crafts as we make them this year!

Make your own Halloween costumes

Similar to the decorations, cheaply made, synthetic costumes line the shops at this time of year – likely to be used once.  By making your own costumes, you’ll not only save money and have a great time doing so, but you’ll also be doing your part for the environment. A homemade Halloween costume always looks unique and is a great activity. Isabella has been a Rainbow Witch, a ghost, pumpkin and last year I totally made up a costume with some amazing fabric I found!

Make your own treats

Think of all of those single use plastic wrapped sweets being given out to kids on Halloween – it makes me cringe when I think of all of that waste. Last year we made spooky cupcakes for the kids who came to our house. No plastic in sight. Hoping it might catch on this year…!

Use natural face paints or glitter

Please steer clear of cheap face paints this Halloween – they are full of nasty chemicals and non biodegradable glitter is made of lots of nasty plastics which end up in our oceans. Make a swap to a brand such as Eco Glitter Fun or Eco Start Dust.

Get the full use out of your Pumpkin!

Once you’ve hollowed out your decorative pumpkin, don’t just throw the seeds and pulp away. Get making a pumpkin soup, toast the seeds and add paprika – there’s so much you can do!

If you’re experimenting with an eco Halloween this year, tag us on Instagram or Twitter, use #ecolivinghalloween – can’t wait to see your pictures!

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