What an excellent strapline, courtesy of this fabulous display in the window of Paperchase. I can see where they are coming from, with this meaningful message printed on stationary for kids around the UK to take to school with them, the message will hit the youth market and become ‘cool’, ‘hip’, ‘mainstream’ and ‘accepted’. Great. The only issue I have is that Paperchase aren’t really practising what they preach are they?

As you enter the shiny, glittery store you come eye to eye with thousands of single cards, packaged in plastic. Photo albums packaged in plastic, and the list goes on and on… we know plastic is not fantastic, but perhaps they could start to implement this closer to home, or our smart young minds might just think they are a bit hypocritical really… what do you think? Come on over to Instagram and join the debate… @helloecoliving 

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