So a conversation went a little bit like this earlier in then week…

“Laura, have you seen Smyths have their 2-4-1 toy sale on?’

‘No, I didn’t, but Isabella isn’t getting any more toys anyway.’

‘But what will you buy her for Christmas?’

This is when I took a pause. A long pause if I remember rightly before asking what her 6 year old got for Christmas last year, as if I was waiting for her recommendations of what I can rush to the toy sale to pick up. For a moment, I almost allowed some sort of parental Christmas fuelled peer pressure to make me think about what pieces of 2-4-1 plastic crap that my child might want for Christmas, knowing such items get played with for a matter of minutes until the retire to a dusty corner of the playroom before they are finally shipped off to a new home.

The fact of the matter is, I should’ve been bold and confident enough to say that my kid is happy with her 70p pack of playing cards we bought when we went camping in the summer and her gymnastics mat for doing ‘tricks’ on. This is not to say she doesn’t have other games, she does. We’ve been there, done those sales for birthdays and Christmas’ gone by. We’ve set up all the thousands of pieces of bloody Mouse Trap for it to be played with for all of 3 games (how is it even still going? It’s literally mind-numbing even for 5 year olds!!) before it went to the charity shop.

What do I aim to purchase for Christmas? Don’t worry – my child will have some presents under the tree to open, but I’d like to think they are something she’s interested in and actually wants. She’ll no doubt get a new leotard for all of her gymnastics and dance classes, some sort of arts and crafts as she still loves drawing and making things, a lovely book and tickets to see the ballet with her friends in the New Year. No plastic, buy one get one free pieces of utter crap. Who’s with me?

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