The end of new petrol and diesel cards is on the horizon, with a possible cut-off date of 2035. You might be starting to think about making a move to an electric vehicle (EV), but not just sure how ready your region is? have launched ‘The Great British Electric Vehicle League Table’ to help you in your decision making.

They league table pulls together data on how many licensed EV cars there are in the region, the number of rapid charge points currently installed as well as regular charging points (per 100,000 people)

As you can imagine, London comes up fairly high in the league tables and the South East tops the charts for having the most number of rapid charging devices in each area. Our lovely North East ranks pretty centre of the rankings for most measures and we’d love to see it move up the charts next year as the popularity for electric vehicles increases.


How ready do you think your region is? Join the conversation on social media using #EVLeague

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