So today has mainly been about getting involved with the Look for a Book North East campaign. It’s all about gathering those books you no longer read and hiding them for others to find.

We came across the idea on Facebook and Isabella was so excited to get involved. We had a big clear out of books and have wrapped them in some clear plastic that her school uniform came in (repurposing) to keep the books dry.

We have spent the afternoon hiding them in some rather tricky places in Morpeth… the small child wasn’t keen on others being able to easily find them! It all officially kicks off tomorrow – Saturday 3rd August…  check out for more info!

Happy reading!

What an excellent strapline, courtesy of this fabulous display in the window of Paperchase. I can see where they are coming from, with this meaningful message printed on stationary for kids around the UK to take to school with them, the message will hit the youth market and become ‘cool’, ‘hip’, ‘mainstream’ and ‘accepted’. Great. The only issue I have is that Paperchase aren’t really practising what they preach are they?