Tonight I decided to try something new. A homemade face mask.

It’s crazy to think I’ve never tried this before.  I usually indulge in LUSH face masks, but in the absence of a shop bought product and a face in need of some TLC, I located a receipe that called for some everyday household items; natural yoghurt and honey.

So, here’s how it goes.

Whether you’re shopping for your own little bundle of joy, or you have a little one to buy for this year, we have three lovely brands you may want to consider.

Perfect for a baby shower or the arrival of a tiny tot, is a delightful British made bouquet of clothes from Born Gifted. The hand tied bouquet comes in three colours; pink, blue and white. Each is made up of 5 pairs of baby socks and two vests, wrapped delightfully with paper flowers and silk foliage. This will put a smile on any new mammy’s face!

As a first time mum I was keen to avoid the financial and environmental cost of using disposable nappies. When faced with statistics such as we’ll throw away around 4,000 nappies from birth to potty training, and disposables take up to 500 years to decompose, who wouldn’t want to try cloth bums? The latest stats reveal that by using cloth nappies the average saving is £500 per baby (including washing costs), so why not give cloth nappies a go this Real Nappy Week?