I’ve been carrying a little tub of magic around with me for the past month. You can use this product for all sorts of things – chapped lips, dry hands – I get a really itchy nose now and again and a little dollop of Essential Care organic calendula balm sorts it right out.

As well as my little tub (that by the way is still really full and I use it a lot) I have been treating my face to organic rose moisturiser, from the same range. It’s not heavy like some organic products can be, and it smells divine.

I have taken to these products because they work, they look and smell good, and when you look behind the scenes there’s a really nice story.

Hello Eco Living caught up with Abi Weeds, Director of Essential Care (organics) ltd to find out a little background.

Q. Tell us a little about your brand

A. Essential Care is based on my mother Margaret’s 30 years of research into natural skincare and is a fusion of her training in aromatherapy and herbal medicine (plus many hours of painstaking research!). The catalyst for that was her own incredibly sensitive skin and most of our family suffering from eczema.

Q. How did you bring your product to market?

A. By 2003 I thought her formulations were so good and unique that they deserved a wider audience than just family and friends. We started literally on the kitchen table and while we’re still a small company, it’s so exciting to see Essential Care now benefitting and being enjoyed by our wonderful and hugely loyal customer base.

Q. Would you say you’re taking organics to the mainstream?

A. I’d like to think that we’re helping to push organic skincare into the mainstream by making products that have beautiful scents, ‘modern, not gunky’ textures and wide-ranging uses. Our Gentle Herb Shampoo was one example of that – my mother created it for a friend with psoriasis and it became the first shampoo ever certified to organic standards.

Q. What’s the best thing about being an organic company?

A. Being an organic company is incredibly rewarding in so many different ways; from having a barrel of the most exquisite organic rosewater turn up on your doorstep, to meeting great people and knowing you’re making a positive contribution to the sustainability of the planet.