Some of the shops on the high street that you might assume to be unethical are actually pretty surprising in their morality! Though many of them might not advertise themselves as ethical, and there might be room for improvement, sometimes it’s good that they’re just a little bit less bad! Every little counts when it comes to buying ethical fashion on the high street. Let’s take a look at the top ethical high street retailers…

As summer starts heating up and the kids are scratching at the doors to be outside, it’s time to grab your bags and head for the woods for a spot of glamping.

I packed my husband and 14 month old toddler and headed for Yorkshire for our first family glamping experience.

You simply can’t help but smile as you turn in to the woodland drive, knowing you’re going to be glamping for the next three nights in a place called Jolly Days. As we pass a cornfield peppered with bright red poppies, I already feel a little jolly and ready for the delights that are ahead.

Areas in Rwanada is carpeted with banana trees. Although the bananas have a clear use, the rest of the tree does not. That’s where a wonderful group of students from Enactus at Newcastle University came in. They worked closely with a village in Rwanda to create nappies and sanatary towels from what would otherwise be waste products. Not only do the villagers now have a sustainable product, they have a sustainable business that they can continue once their British students return home.