If you thought that only frugal homemakers subscribed to the life hacking lifestyle, then you couldn’t be more wrong. Organizations the world over have started appealing to our desire to save more and dump less by opening new methods for making the most of everything from old clothes to old mobile devices. Since 2008, Oxfam’s partnership with Marks and Spencer has resulted in over £8 million from old clothes being donated to charities; meanwhile, Recycle4Charity’s ink cartridge and mobile phone recycling programs have raised £864,000.

Do you ever find yourself fighting a losing battle to close your wardrobe? Or perhaps questioning your sanity at some of your clothing purchases, where you felt adamant that you could pull off neon yellow?

It’s easy to just throw out those unwanted items but of all the fabric that is sent to rubbish tips, as much as 95% of these textiles could be found another use.

Amsterdam is famous for a many things; Van Gough, canals, naughty night-time activities and of course for it’s eco living.

If you’ve traveled to Amsterdam in the past, you will have struggled not to notice streets upon streets filled with push bikes, and the fantastic infrastructure to support the Dutch’s love of sustainable travel. Now they’ve made a forward step with the introduction of electric scooter taxis; The Hopper!

The Hopper offers a very flexible mode of transportation around the city; cheaper than a regular taxi and best of all, it’s emission free. A network of electrical scooters drive at a maximum speed of 25km/h and can go 130km on a fully charged electrical battery.

As long as you don’t mind being close to the driver the electric scooter taxis probably offer the fastest and greenest way to get around the city!

We love the flat rate of EUR 2.50 regardless of the distance. The scooters can be flagged down in the street, over the telephone or via the website and are operational from 8am till 8pm Monday- Friday.

The Hopper service is currently only running in Amsterdam but the founders have plans to extend it to The Hague, Rotterdam and Utrecht within the next six months.

Maybe the Hopper will make their way to the next City, which could be London in the next year?!

Watch out for them.