Roll up, roll up, a little birdy called Brita told me that they’re looking for eight people to join the expedition for a once in a lifetime opportunity to travel to Nepal and help a small community.

Nepal Trek

If you’re looking for a rewarding experience spending your holidays volunteering and helping communities abroad then this is the trip for you…

The lovely people at Brita are currently planning an expedition to Nepal in September 2010 where they aim to raise awareness about water issues as well as help a small community in Rampur by building a well and water tank to provide them with a sustainable supply of safe and clean drinking water and sanitation.

As not everyone has the money to fund a trip such as this, the organisation is offering to pay half the cost towards this expedition and will help each individual to fundraise the other half so that they’re ensured a place.

To be in with a chance of joining the expedition all you need to do is visit: and tell them why you should be accepted to go in either video or written format.

The Cavendish, with its wonderfully central location near the theatre district, Bond Street and Piccadilly Circus, blends real luxury with a genuine green attitude.

Not for one minute do you feel your luxury treatment is ever compromised by any of the eco initiatives the hotel has used to win its ‘gold’ green award. Seeming to hit all areas; there are energy reduction measures such as efficient lighting and condensing boilers, fair-trade products are used throughout the hotel, and the restaurant’s menu features fish from sustainable sources and local produce where possible.

The Cavendish then goes the extra mile by encouraging delegates at business conferences and meetings to engage in green behaviour. The meeting package includes a carbon offsetting fee, environmentally friendly cars receive a 50% discount in the hotel’s underground car park, while non paper based communication is encouraged, all paper is recycled or from paper mills that support sustainable practices. There are recycling bins everywhere and people are proactively encouraged to use them, mobile phones can be charged with wind up chargers, staples that don’t use staples are on offer, non toxic marker pens made from recycled parts are used, indeed real attention to detail is a constant theme throughout.

Not content with this, the hotel has plans for an energy efficient life, has a green team that trains the back end staff, a new low water dishwasher is planned and the grand vision whereby everything used is recycled !

So you can cycle to the hotel, leave your bike in the secure lock up, know that energy efficiency is everywhere, everything is fair trade, and the food you eat is as ethically sourced as possible, while you’ll still receive top 4 star London luxury in a great location including excellent views of the city. We will definitely be looking to stay at the Cavendish again and hope you manage to give it a try.

The Cavendish Hotel, 81 Jermyn Street, St James’s, London SW1Y 6JF: Telephone: 020 7930 2111 or

Trading the good life in the country to chase the city dream could have been an environmental adversity. Lucy Wright shows how it is possible to show the planet some love when living in the big smoke…

The big city: ethically challenging?
The big city: ethically challenging?

Three months ago I packed up my life in rural Norfolk and headed for a new life in the city of London.

I have always led an environmentally conscious lifestyle and was concerned that I would have to compromise some of my ethics when living in the city—I couldn’t have been more wrong.

London life has resulted in significantly less miles clocked up on my car. I use public transport every day whereas in Norfolk almost every journey out of the house was made by car. My total travelling has been reduced as I am conveniently living only a 2 minute walk from the high street.

The town I am living in is operating a no plastic bags scheme. This was yet to happen in the area I lived in Norfolk. The locals have embraced this incentive and it has become second nature for me to carry a jute bag around with me.

Recycling is just as easy in the capital. Admittedly we do not have a black wheelie bin and a green wheelie bin for the London flat but there is a scheme where we recycle a majority of our waste.

Heating and lighting the large house I was used to living in costs a fortune compared to a flat. My carbon footprint has gone from bigfoot to more of a dainty step.

I miss my exquisite Victorian roll top bath that I would enjoy in Norfolk but showers are far friendlier to the environment and allow for extra time in bed in the mornings!

Having called London ‘home’ for a few months now, I have found that being environmentally friendly is easy to incorporate into my new lifestyle and my eco worries are banished. Sometimes the grass can be greener on the other side…