With a continually growing population comes a growing demand for food, putting extra pressure on the food system to supply for the needs of the people. Traditional agricultural methods require huge amounts of land, space and energy, resources which are limited. Along with this, soil depletion is a concern for the sustainability of these methods. As a result, food prices are increasing which is becoming problematic for families and their ability to purchase healthy and fresh food. Another concern is where our food comes from. Food miles are the measurement of how far foods have travelled from producer to consumer; supermarket foods can travel from all over the world to reach our shelves, which produces harmful emissions. 

The countdown is on. With less than 50 sleeps until Boomtown 2017, we are very excited to see what Chapter 9 of the story has in store.

If you read our last feature, you’ll be pretty clued up about what Boomtown has to offer, being one of the UK’s most innovative independent festivals. Boomtown leads the way in terms of set design and production values, offering its 60,000 attendees a fully immersive, theatrically-led experience.

If you’re looking for a sustainable getaway in the Yorkshire Dales then you don’t need to look much further than Natural Retreats near Richmond.

Particularly Scandinavian in its appearance, our log cabin for the weekend is tucked away in to the side of a hill, surrounded by natural vegetation and plenty of wildlife. As we approach our sustainable home for the next three days an array of rabbits welcome us, but they don’t stick around too long once we’ve made our way along their path and up to our glass fronted cabin.