If you love a good old celebration, then Organic Fortnight is something to stick in your calendar.

Pumpkins at the Bristol Farmers' Market
Pumpkins at the Bristol Farmers’ Market

Taking place from 5th – 20th September the two week campaign will take centre stage to highlight all the great things about organic. Up and down the UK, people in shops, schools, cafes, churches and farms will be hosting events and raising awareness about why organic is the healthy choice, the best for animal welfare and the right thing for the planet.

Sophie Shevlin from the Soil Association says:

“Organic Fortnight is a nationwide campaign highlighting the benefits of organic. This year’s theme focuses on organic values on a budget. Organic is good for us and our planet, is kind to animals and wildlife and allows us make a big difference – simply through the way we shop. With all these benefits, it’s easy to see why organic delivers such good value for money.”

So what can you do to get involved with Organic Fortnight? We are all socialising a bit more at home at the moment, so why not host an organic dinner party where you can pass on your knowledge of organic to your friends? If you’re on a budget then you can follow this guide put together by the Soil Association.

There’s also the Organic Food Festival to get involved in…

Held September 12-13 at Bristol’s scenic Harbourside, the Organic Food Festival is organized in association with the Soil Association and with the generous support of Yeo Valley. It is Europe’s largest showcase of the organic community, with hundreds of organic products, cooking demonstrations with Raymond Blanc and other top chefs, childrens taste workshops and a lively Street Food Bazaar and Organic Bar. Find out more in our feature this month.

There’s a whole bunch of things to keep children amused, and you can find them in your garden!

An eco summer for the kids

A lovely garden centre called Notcutts has been taking the advice of children this summer, asking their advice about what makes their ‘perfect garden’. You’re bound to find this interesting if you have little ones to be amused over the long summer holidays – what’s best – it can all be done on a budget!

Notcutts conducted a research panel comprising of very opinionated 6-7 year old school children from East Anglia asking them all about their perfect garden.

So, what do the children themselves want to keep them amused this summer?

Wellies, buckets and waterproof games! Bad weather isn’t a deterrent: kids love playing in the rain, with 80% of them finding it as much fun as the sun!

‘A bit of garden to call my own’ was a popular request, with 90% of the panel wanting even the smallest area earmarked for their own gardening project.

Treehouses or dens also proved popular, with 60% of kids wanting somewhere specific to play in. (A low cost alternative would involve a card board box – my Mum always reminds me that I was more intrigued playing with the boxes my pressie came in rather than the pressie itself)

Weeding!! – apparently kids think this is fun and tops the list of gardening activity, above planting and watering! Just give them some pointers and watch them go, takes the pressure off Mum and Dad!

To make things a bit more fun for them, you could invest in some nice children’s gardening tools – there’s some cute items available from Notcutts as well as other garden centres – and when you’re children grow out using spades with ladybugs on, then you can be sure to pass them on to another young child who is discovering the wonders of exploring the back garden!