When you buy organic, you want to make sure that that you’re making the right choice. This is why the Soil Association has proudly announced a new EU-wide, harmonised standard for organic health and beauty products.


New organic standards come in to play

At a time when the organic health and beauty market is experiencing extremely significant growth – in 2008 UK sales of organic health and beauty products increased an impressive 69% to £27 million – it’s important that we are clear on what we’re buying.

Francis Blake, director of Soil Association standards said:

“This new harmonised standard is a real breakthrough for consumers and for the organic health and beauty industry and we hope it will be used as an international blue print. Application to use this standard is open to all certification bodies as of 30 Sept 2009.”

The new ‘COSMOS-standard’ is a result of six years work in collaboration with five other European organisations. It also covers the regulation of ‘natural’ cosmetics. The objective of this new standard is ambitious and goes beyond all current requirements for organic and natural cosmetics.

Current organic brands will have a 3-year transition period [up to September 2012] if they need to alter formulations and labelling. Any new organic brands will have to adhere to these new standards immediately. So watch out for new little labels on your products meaning your safe in the knowledge that they’re making your skin wonderfully gorgeous.

Why go organic?


For products to use the term ‘organic’ they need to be certified by the Soil Association or a similar organisation. The SA very careful with the products certified, and if there is any doubt about an ingredient it is banned – so no parabens, no phthalates and no GM ingredients. Meaning lovely skin all around!

Avoid irritation

Synthetic fragrances, which have been found to cause a third of all cosmetic allergies, are banned,

‘Cocktail effect’

You don’t need a lot. Cut down on the products that you and your family use. Much of the concern is about the ‘cocktail effect’ of chemicals in the different products that we use. Many women are using over 20 different products a day, bombarding themselves with hundreds of different chemicals.


Look for the Soil Association symbol on organic products to ensure that they meet strict organic standards.

No need to compromise

Delicious balms, gorgeous lotions and beautiful baby products are all widely available and perform so well that there is no need to compromise on performance to become an organic beauty.