We all know that food waste is bad. None of us feel good about chucking the limp bit of salad at the bottom of the fridge, or the mouldy bread that’s been forgotten. But it isn’t just households that are the source of a huge amount of food waste (over 7 million tonnes in the UK according to Wrap in 2015); food retailers and restaurants are also guilty of this, throwing away leftover food from that night’s service or food that has reached its use-by date.

This is the first face oil I have ever tried and I have to say I am impressed!

As someone with combination skin I was sure it was going to leave me feeling greasy, particularly for a base underneath makeup. I was pleasantly surprised! Not only did it sink in quickly, but it didn’t leave me greasy or prone to break outs as I feared. I am not easily fooled with products and can often be rather a cheap skate but this product actually does what it says on the bottle and is worth the around £25 price tag.