energy efficient home


There’s no denying the fact that the British winter can be extremely cold, with last year’s temperature plummeting well below freezing. The Arctic conditions had the country preparing for its coldest winter in eight years and the soaring gas prices were no help either. All of Britain’s “big six” energy companies announced price increases last year because of rising wholesale costs. According to an Ofgem 2018 report published on Reuters, gas and electricity bills now cost nearly 5% of the average UK household budget.

Every little effort to be greener counts, and where better to start making a difference than in your own home? Try these 10 money (and environment) saving tips for a more energy efficient home.

1. Switch off the lights. Remember when your parents used to moan at you about leaving the lights on?  They were doing more than just saving on the family’s electric bill. Turning off what you’re not using can save up to 10% of your home’s total energy expenditure. If you’re going away on holiday, consider investing in an energy saving electronic light switch timer.