We are very excited and pleased to hear that by 2020, IKEA will be banning all of its single use plastic.

The plastic ban will take place across all its stores and restaurants, and includes products such as plastic straws, plates, cups, freezer bags, bin bags, and plastic-coated paper plates and cups.

Here’s hoping more retailers follow suite… #notosingleuseplastic

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Now in its 7th year, The Big Feastival is a unique festival experience that blends top musicians with the best food you can think of, along with entertainment to keep the kids thoroughly entertained from morning to night.
Hosted on Alex James’ farm nestled in the Cotswolds, you won’t be disappointed with the music line up with Basement Jaxx, Craig David and Paloma Faith headlining the weekend.

Since becoming a family of three, we have merged our love of summer music festivals with keeping our five year old little lady entertained. Getting the family friendly festival blend right is something we’ve been perfecting over the last few years, so here’s our handpicked top 5 family festivals with environmental consciousness of 2018 for you.

Just So Festival, 17-19 August, Rode Hall, Cheshire

Just So Festival is the perfect place to immerse small minds in creative memory making. It’s the place dreams are made of, with interactive installations wherever you turn. The Spellbound Forest at dusk is a magical place to be – gather around a picture perfect campfire for bedtime stories, drum circles and magic being made. You’ll find babies well catered for with a line up especially for them – we highly recommend baby yoga and story time is a right treat. Don’t miss out of Saturday evening’s Tribal Tournament where costumes have been handcrafted months in advance and the atmosphere is electric. There’s heaps more on the line up since our last visit, so take a look and plan your trip.

Timber Festival, 6-8 June, Feanedock, the National Forest

From the makers of Just So Festival, comes a brand new imaginative creation for 2018, Timber Festival. Set in the depths of the National Forest, is a festival that blends environmental appreciation and the arts. Music will take you from morning to night as you take part in singing the Dawn Chorus or stay awake for a Secret Midnight Gig. For families you’ll find immersive theatre, ariel acrobatics from trees and have the chance to delve into the world of bees and even learn a pollen packing dance. This is a festival to reconnect you with nature and assist you in coming away a more relaxed and energised version of yourself, make sure you get involved in a guided run at sunset and don’t miss out on the eco spa.

Camp Bestival, 26-29 July, Lulworth Castle, Dorset

Camp Bestival holds the title as the best UK Family Friendly Festival, so it’s a must to include in this list. You’ll find music, family theatre, comics and amazing food. Headlining you’ll see Simple Minds, Rick Astley. For the kids there’s a UK festival exclusive taking place; ZSL London Zoo: Gruesome Nature Live! An interactive musical show featuring original songs, you can find out the frightful facts about some truly grisly creatures, including who’s got the largest, slimiest eyeball, and which species of animal can endure fire, ice and radiation and even survive in outer space, plus many more monstrous truths.

The Big Feastival , 25-26 August, Alex James’ Farm, The Cotswolds

The Big Feastival is a treat for grown ups and children alike. This festival really blends a grown up festival feel with the most amazing organic food options and music line up, with heaps of activities to keep the kids entertained too. Justin Fletcher kicks off the main stage, with Paloma Faith closes it. Check out our full preview here.

Living in Northumberland has it’s plus points – beautiful scenery, close to the country as well as the coast, but when it snows, oh it snows. We are now on day three of being snowed in thanks to the #beastoftheast. We have taken this chance to really reconnect as a family. It’s wonderful how the snow slows you down – and forces you to leave the car on your drive and go where you need to by foot.

Whether you’re suffering from dry skin or joint pain, why not try the natural approach. We take a look at 5 food you should eat to beat…

1.) Skin dryness: healthy cold-pressed oils

Dry skin can be associated with lack of healthy fats in your diet. An easy way to get more of them is to increase your intake of nourishing cold-pressed oils – especially flaxseed, hemp seed or avocado oils.

Just So Festival is a curious place for a two year old and the perfect place to experience our first ever eco family festival.

We arrived at Rode Hall in Cheshire on Friday morning; after a short queue of traffic we pitched our tent and hung up our bunting. If the memories of Glastonbury have put you off festival camping, then let me assure you there is space a plenty and the toilets and showers were the cleanest we have ever seen.

Beacon Hill Farm is an eco-friendly retreat that possibly boasts some of the best views in Northumberland. A part of the Premier Cottages collection, it not only hosts a delightful array of cottage holiday homes, but a spa, semi-ancient woodland and its very own lake.

We embarked on our journey to Beacon Hill Farm late in the afternoon, arriving in darkness to a more than welcomed roaring fire and complimentary bottle of wine. Oak Cottage is full of charm, with a true English Country feel. With two bedrooms; a twin and double with an en suite, there is ample room for a family of four to reside here for the week. Based on one level, families don’t need to worry about stair gates and Isabella enjoyed running through the spacious hallway to the living room or bedrooms. The decor is delightful with the log burning stove and duck print curtains in the living room.

Eating sustainably doesn’t have to be difficult. From eating produce in season, to cutting back on meat, there a lots of ways to become the proud owner of an eco-friendly diet.

Most of us probably eat, on average, about three times a day. Factor in the time spent shopping for food, and there is a big chunk of our lives that can be dedicated to sustainable living. And while eating our greens can do wonders for our health, eating green can do plenty to aid the health of the planet. 

Green Beauty is the safer, cleaner and inexpensive way to Beautiful.

The practice of natural beauty treatments is traditional, varying from country to country. Weekly coconut oil hair massages remind me of India and Ayurveda – Are there any specific beauty practices that you remember growing up with from your culture?

DIY treatments were around long before the big commercial brands were. A fact that is exploited by today’s beauty giants in advertising their beauty care products. There are Organic brands on the market where you can purchase some delightful products but you are going to have to pay a greater price.

We’ve all heard of a ‘retail therapy’ fix but there’s nothing quite as satisfying as whipping up a luxurious DIY beauty treatment from ingredients that can be sourced from your pantry. Plus, this way you can be rest assured that what you’re putting on your skin is free of toxic petrochemicals, parabens, sulphates, synthetic dyes and artificial perfumes. DIY products have less packaging which in turn means a smaller carbon footprint.

One thing to bear in mind is that due to the lack of preservatives these treatments have a shorter shelf life and therefore are best made in smaller batches and when required.

These are just a select few recipes that I’ve found to be my holy grail but there are plenty more a mouse-click away.


For Body

A wake-me-up scrub for sloughing of the dead skin…

  • Equal parts ground coffee and granulated sugar
  • Olive oil
  • 2 tbsp. ground cinnamon
  • Few drops of vanilla extract

Mix to right consistency. Apply to skin in circular motion before shower.

For Hair

Smoothing, ph. Balancing and restoring after shampoo rinse

  • Equal parts Apple Cider Vinegar and Water

Pour over hair allowing a little time for soaking and rinse (The smell will subside after your hair has dried).

For face

To banish the flaky, chapped skin and provide a smooth base for make-up

  • 1 tbsp. Oats
  • 1 tbsp. baking soda
  • 1 tbsp. yogurt

Mix the ingredients into paste and massage into face. Rinse. Moisturise.